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Welcome to the forefront of industrial insulation with ProRox, a cutting-edge solution designed to redefine safety and optimize working conditions across diverse industries. Developed by Rockwool, ProRox stands as a beacon of excellence in thermal, fire-resistant, and acoustic insulation.

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Discover ProRox: Unrivaled Insulation Solutions

ProRox offers a comprehensive suite of insulation solutions tailored for various applications:

ROCKWOOL ProRox Industrial Insulation can be installed on piping, valves and flanges, expansion joints vessels, storage tanks, boilers, insulation of columns, and all other areas where thermal, acoustic and fire safe insulation is necessary.

ROCKWOOL ProRox Industrial Insulation

ROCKWOOL ProRox stone wool products also contain WR-Tech. WR-Tech is a patent-pending water repellent technology that gives you the superior performance of stone wool, while providing the lowest possible water absorption at operating temperatures in the full CUI range (up to 250°C / 482°F)–also after heating and aging.

Combat the risk of CUI - Corrosion under Insulation

CUI is a major issue in the industry. It leads to higher maintenance costs and can cause pipe leaks or even ruptures. According to NACE*, water-leachable salt, water retention, permeability and wettability all play a major role in mitigating the risk of CUI.

*NACE SP0198-2017, Control of Corrosion Under Thermal Insulation and Fireproofing Materials.

Our next generation ProRox mandrel wound pipe sections and wired mats with WR-Tech™ (Water Repellency Technology) get to grips with CUI. They absorb less water, dry faster, are more durable and have a very low water-leachable salt content. Minimising the risk of corrosion under insulation.

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Key Features

Diverse Industry

Tailored Solutions for Every Industry Need

ProRox caters to the unique requirements of diverse industries:
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Key Features

Tailored Solutions for Every Industry Need

ProRox caters to the unique requirements of diverse industries:
Diverse Industry


Industrial Rockwool Insulation

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Are you searching for reliable, top-tier industrial insulation? Ocean Star is your answer. Transform your industrial environment with ProRox’s unmatched thermal, fire-resistant, and acoustic insulation solutions.

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