PIR/PUR Insulation

PIR/PUR Insulation

ThermaSafe PIR/PU insulation is a CFC-free rigid closed-cell, high-performance insulation for pipe, cold, cryogenic, vessel, equipment and duct applications.

ThermaSafe offers complete range of pipe insulation products in a selection of densities and compressive strengths. ThermaSafe insulation features one of the lowest ambient k-factors among all pipe insulations of 0.023 W/m.K at a mean temperature of 10°C (0.159 BTU · in/hr · ft2 · °F at 50°F) and can be used for the temperature range from -183 0C to 149 0C (-297°F to +300°F).


ThermaSafe PIR/PU Insulation materials have many diverse applications in HVAC System, Oil, Petrochemical, Process Plant, Cryogenic, and General Insulation Industries. It can be used for Pipe, Duct, Vessel, Tank and Equipment Insulation.



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